The Theosophical
Society in Australia

Launceston Lodge

Psychic Research / Anomalous Mental Capacities

A collection of books covering the latent power of the mind.

The following reading list attempts to achieve a balance between the older classical books and modern expositions:

  • Besant, Annie & C.W. Leadbeater Occult Chemistry ( TPH Adyar 1951/1994)
  • Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan The History of Spiritualism Volume 1 (The Spiritual Truth Press 1926/2008)
  • Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan The History of Spiritualism Volume 2 (Psychic Press 1926/1989)
  • Corliss, William R. (Ed.) Strange Minds A Sourcebook of Unusual Mental Phenomena (Sourcebook Project 1976)
  • Horn, Stacy Unbelievable: Investigations Into Ghosts, Poltergeists, Telepathy, and Other Unseen Phenomena, from The Duke Parapsychology Laboratory (Harper Collins 2009)
  • Le Shan, Lawrence A New Science of the Paranormal: The Promise of Psychical Research (Quest 2009)
  • Mayer , Elizabeth Lloyd Extraordinary Knowing: Science, Skepticism and the Inexplicable Powers of the Human Mind (Bantam 2007)
  • Phillips, Stephen M. Anima: Remote Viewing of Subatomic Particles (TPH Adyar 1996)
  • Radin, Dean Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality (Paraview/Pocket 2006)
  • Rhine, J. B. New Frontiers of the Mind (Penguin 1950)
  • Rhine, Louisa E. Mind Over Matter: Psychokinesis (Macmillan 1970)
  • Sheldrake, Rupert The Sense of Being Stared At and Other Aspects of the Extended Mind (Crown Publishers 2003)
  • Sheldrake, Rupert Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home and Other Unexplained Powers of Animals (Hutchinson 1999)
  • Smith, E. Lester Occult Chemistry Re-Evaluated (TPH 1982)
  • Targ, Russell Limitless Mind: A Guide to Remote Viewing and Transformation of Consciousness (New World Library 2004)
  • Tart , Charles T. The End of Materialism: How Evidence of the Paranormal is Bringing Science and Spirit Together (Noetic Books 2009)
  • Zöllner, Johann Carl Friedrich Transcendental Physics (1881/Health Research Reprint 1974)


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